About St. John

For more than 150 years, St. John has been a place for our community to hear the good news of Jesus.

Life is hard.

Our lives can change in an instant.  One moment we're enjoying life and the next we hear that it's cancer.  One moment we're working and providing for our family and the next we hear that we're getting let go.  As quickly as happiness and success and fortune come, just as quickly comes the fall.

Where can you turn if you don’t feel like your life is full of success? What do you do if you really do need help because you aren’t perfect? What can comfort you when you are filled with guilt about the past? What do you do when you realize that like the rest of humanity you have sinned, and hurt the people you love, and your God?

Our God is filled with strength and power, which he demonstrated not in a flashy show, but by coming in the meekness of a Savior. Jesus was born in a lowly stable, and lived a life perfect and without sin, but not one of fame and fortune.

He came to demonstrate God’s love and mercy by dying on a cross for us, and taking upon himself all our weakness and failure, all our sin.

The Bible says of Jesus’ death, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

We may not be perfect people, but we have a perfect God.

So what does this all mean for you?

What God was doing was taking upon himself all our imperfections and sin, so that we might be safe, secure, forgiven, and perfect in his sight. That means we are right with God.

And we know this is true, because God raised his Son Jesus from the dead to show by his power, that the good news of Jesus is all true.

What We Believe

What we believe and teach is rooted in God's perfect Word. Because we know it never changes, we know we can base our faith upon it.

Meet Our Pastor



Kevin Hundley

Pastor Kevin Hundley has served in an urban setting in Milwaukee, a mission congregation in Pennsylvania, as well as a large multi-site church setting of 1000 members and a K-8 school in Kenosha WI.

Prior to serving St. John, Kevin served the church body as a Christian Giving Counselor based out of Milwaukee. He thanked those who supported the world wide mission of the church, and shared information about what their prayers and gifts were doing in the 50 different countries where the church body works, as well as the mission and ministry efforts here in the United States.

Born in Milton WI, and Renee his wife being from Milwaukee, the couple is excited to be close to family as well as serve their new church family of St John. A 1994 graduate of Northwestern College and a 1998 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon WI, Pastor Hundley continues his education in the area of counseling. He also serves the community as a police chaplain.